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29th Board of Directors (2016-2017)

Mohandes AGM-2016 to elect the 3 new members for the board of directors and 4 substituting members was held on May 4th, 2016. The supervisory committee included Mr. Azima, Mr Zhedi, Mr. Khayyam, Mr. Tahmoureszadeh, Mr. Sadr and Ms. Vahid. The number of voters in the election was 59, and following 3 candidates elected as main members:  

  • Mr Mahboob Bolandi (37 votes)
  • Mr Mohammad Kamyab (33 votes)
  • Mr Iraj Zarieh (22 votes)
And following candidates elected as substitute members in the board of directors: 
  • Mr Dean Aminirad (17 votes)
  • Mr Kamaran Etessam (17 votes)
  • Ms Sepideh Razi (15 votes)
  • Mr Masooud Dolatabadi (13 votes)

    These members were elected as the BOD members for the next two years. The renewed members from 2015-2016 BOD were Mr. Mohsen Kazemi, Mr. Hamid Tabrizi and Ms. Pantea Pervissian.

    The first meeting of the BOD for 2016-2017 year was held on May 12th, 2016 in order to elect the available positions as per Mohandes constitution. Majority of the board members were present in the meeting and the roles were assigned as:

    Mohammad Kamyab

    Mahboob Bolandi

    Pantea Pervissian

    Ehsan Nagahi

    Iraj Zarieh

    Mohsen Kazemi

    Hamid Tabrizi


    Vice Chair


    Treasurer / Director of Financial Committee

    Director of Culture and Technology Committee 

    Director of Registration and Membership Committee

    Director of Social Committee

    BOD substitute members that will work and cooperate with above executive committees are:

    Sepideh Razavi

    Kamran Etessam

    Dean Aminirad

    Masoud Dolatabadi

    Member of Publication Committee

    Member of Financial Committee

    Member of Technology Committee

    Member of Membership Committee


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