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ICEEE (Iranian-Canadian Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

ICEEE is a division of Mohandes, which was established in August 2016 along with other engineering divisions in order to gather engineers with close majors in one place and under the same roof. We are the house of all Iranian-Canadian Electrical and Electronics Engineers, who intend to share their knowledge and skills in our community, promote and secure their professional and social positions in the Canadian society. We have created a base for all Iranian-Canadian engineers who want to jump to the positions, they deserve to be there. 
In this team, we have formed several sub-committees which will help us to attract all Iranian-Canadia engineers' potentials and ideas so that we can move towards our goals as fast as possible. Should you are interested in, please get involved in our SUB-COMMITTEES.

ICEEE accommodates a wide range of engineers as follows:
  1. Instrumentation & Control (Automation) engineers
  2. Electronics engineers                     
  3. Electrical engineers
  4. Telecommunication engineers
  5. Computer engineers
  6. Biomedical engineers
We are the place of all Iranian-Canadian Electrical and Electronics Engineers, who intend to use their collective knowledge and skills to promote their professional and social position in the Canadian society. Each room of this house is full of engineering skills and knowledge. Whatever you need in the engineering market of Canada is found here. To become familiar with our engineers and their expertise, please visit OUR PEOPLE page.

Our engineers have an extensive range of specialties, which includes but is not limited to:

1. Instrumentation & Control (Automation) engineers

  • PLC and HMI Programming: 
 Siemens: Step5, Step7, PCS7, TIA Portal, S7-Graph, WinCC
☛ Allen Bradley: RSLogix 5, RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000, RSView, Factory Talk
☛ Other PLCs: ABB, Omron, Schneider
  • PLC networking: FCS, Profibus, Fieldbus, Ethernet, DH485/+, Device net, Control net, Modbus
  • Robotics: ABB, Fanuc, Kauka
  • Instrumentation: Various Transducers, Sensor fusion

2. Electronics engineers

  • VLSI
  • Microprocessors

3. Electrical engineers

  • Power Stations, Battery banks, UPS, Transformers, Lighting, Energy management
  • Drives: Siemens, AB, Bosch, SMC

4. Telecommunication engineers

  • Networking: TCI, IT enterprise, Wireless, IDRO
  • Telephony: VOIP, LTE, 3G/4G, TDM, TCI 

5. Computer engineers

  • Computer Networking
  • Computer programming: Visual C++, Java, and so on
6. Biomedical engineers
 Many of our engineers have P.Eng qualification.

In addition, our engineers have experience in various industries such as:

      • Oil&Gas, Steel, Food, Automotive, Mining, Energy, Oxygen, and so on

 Our engineers are also capable of doing different tasks in:

      • Design, commissioning, maintenance, sale, and education


Tel: (905) 771-7147


P.O.Box #217, 6021 Yonge St., 

North York, ON, Canada   M2N3W2

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