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ICEEE Sub-Committees

We have formed three sub-committees in our team to facilitate our journey in reaching our high goals:

1. Policy sub-committee: To establish the visions and objectives of our group, and make required policies and strategies.

2. Executive sub-committees: To buil the foundation our team

a. Outreach sub-committee: To reach out of our group, get contacted with other engineering or even social groups, invite professional engineers and entrepreneurs and make effective networking with industries

b. Mentor-ship sub-committee: To continuously serve all engineers, especially new comers, in giving advice on seeking jobs, writing and editing resume and cover letter, learning required standards, and the process of getting various certificates like PEng, PMP, Electrical Cert. 309, 422, and so on.

c.  Tech-support sub-committee: To tachnically support our team using different software applications

3. Professional  sub-committees: To make market-based ideas and professional collaboration among peolle with the same expertise

a. Education sub-committee

b. Automation engineering sub-committee

c. Electronics engineering sub-committee

d. Electrical engineering sub-committee

e. Telecom and Networking sub-committee

f. Computer engineering sub-committee

g. Biomedical engineering sub-committee

To get more familiar with our sub-committees, and their relation, please look at the following chart. 

If you would like to get to know about our people, please visit Our People page.

Should you like to join any sub-committees, please contact Daryoush at:


Tel: (905) 771-7147


P.O.Box #217, 6021 Yonge St., 

North York, ON, Canada   M2N3W2

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