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Thanks for your interest in becoming Mohandes Member. For the detail of terms and conditions please refer to Mohandes constitution here. Please read the protocol below before applying for membership:

Protocol for Co-operation at Kanoon Mohandes 

This protocol intends to strengthen relationships among Mohandes members and establish a consistent procedure for interactions between members and the various organization activities.  By joining (or renewing membership) at Kanoon Mohandes, every member agrees to follow this Protocol. We strive to foster a friendly and cooperative environment which reflects our values and where every member’s rights are respected in order to pave the way for ongoing and successful activities.

1.     In addition to professional behavior, personal characteristics and other facets of personal lives play an important role in health and success of the Organization. Members are thus obligated to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity in every matter.

2.     Members are required to speak and act with full transparency and cooperativeness while in Kanoon’s premises and meetings. They shall refrain from acting or speaking spitefully or unfairly and making unkind remarks about other members.

3.     There would not be any classified or secretive information and/or activities amongst member(s) in relation to daily activities of the organization.

4.     All members shall respect the oral and written arrangements entered among each other. Violating the agreements and arrangements between board of directors and member(s), is considered a breach of membership.

5.     All members shall respect and follow all resolutions, documents and protocols of Kanoon Mohandes, and execute all future resolutions and documents set by the organization.

6.     Default:

a) The membership and all respective rights and privileges of a member who breaches a material provision of this Protocol, by-laws or any other document and resolution of Kanoon Mohandes (“Defaulting Member”) may be cancelled and terminated by the Board of Directors if such breach is not cured, to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors, within fifteen (15) days after receiving the Default Notice;

b) The Board of Directors will promptly notify the Defaulting Member by written notice (the "Default Notice") delivered to such Defaulting Member specifying the breached provision(s);

c) Any member who becomes aware that another member is in breach of the provisions of this Protocol shall promptly so notify the Board of Directors; and

d) The Board of Directors reserves the right to decline any future applications for membership from a Defaulting Member.

7.      This protocol has been arranged in 7 clauses; it has been reviewed, and agreed upon by all members.

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