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Mohandes Seminar Presentations will be available here a few days after the events. This section is visible only for members and not for public. Old presentations will also be posted shortly upon receiving the files from the speakers. To download, please click on the proper icon or the cover photo.

Note: The technical presentations may not be reproduced, or presented in any form or by any means, including electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the speaker, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, please contact the speaker directly. 

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Presentation Date: February 2019

Seminar Topic: Introdution to Pre-start health & safety reviews

Speaker: Mr Mehran Mohaghegh

Presentation Date: June 2018

Seminar Topic: A few notes on COSMOLOGY + Open discussion with members

Speaker: Mr Afshin Khodabandeh

Presentation Date: َMarch 2018

Seminar Topic: The Representation of Women in Persian 

Poetry and Iranian Cinema

Speaker: Dr Khatereh Sheibani

Presentation Date: Dec 2017

Seminar Topic: Build Healthy Relationships using Emotional Intelligence 

Speaker: Dr Nastaran Adibrad

Presentation Date: َNov 2017

Seminar Topic: Nanotechnology and Biophotonics in Biomedical Engineering

Speaker: Dr Mohammad Khosroshahi

Presentation Date: Oct 2017

Seminar Topic: Landscape of Research and Innovation in Ontario: By Minister Moridi

Speaker: Minister Reza Moridi

Presentation Date: َMarch 2017

Seminar Topic: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Re-bar for Concrete Structures

Speaker: Mr Borna HajAghamiri

Presentation Date: March 2017

Seminar Topic: Mesoscopic Traffic Simulation Model for GTA

Speaker: Dr Behnam Amini

Presentation Date: َFeb 2017

Seminar Topic: تحولات صنعت هواپیمایی در ایران و جهان: گذشته، حال و آینده 

Speaker: Captain Amir Kasravi 

Presentation Date: Nov 2016

Seminar Topic: Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Monitoring of Smelting Furnaces

Speaker: Dr Afshin Sadri

Presentation Date: َApril 2016

Seminar Topic: Change is in the air: A discussion around un-manned Commercial flight 

Speaker: Mr Poulad Pirouzi 

Presentation Date: March 2016

Seminar Topic: Intelligent Energy Management Systems (IEMS)

Speaker: Dr Ashkan Rahimi Kian

Presentation Date: َFeb 2016

Seminar Topic: Advanced Materials and Methods in Structural Engineering

The file has not been received yet!

Speaker: Mr Jamil Mardukhi 

Presentation Date: Nov 2015

Seminar Topic: A New Paradigm for Urban Vehicle Design  

Speaker: Dr Amir Khajehpour

Presentation Date: Oct 2015

Seminar Topic: Iran and P5+1 agreement, Where do we go from here?

Speaker: Dr Mehdi Sarram

Presentation Date: Sep 2015

Seminar Topic: Canadian Mining Industry in 21st Century:Challenges & Opportunities 

Speaker: Dr Kamran Esmaeili 

Presentation Date: َApril 2015

Seminar Topic: Status of Science in Canada and New Frontiers of Science in Society

Speaker: Dr Mehrdad Hariri 

Presentation Date: March 2015

Seminar Topic: Cloud Computing and its benefits for small and Medium Businesses

Speaker: Mr Changiz Sadr 

Presentation Date: Feb 2015

Seminar Topic: P.Eng. Licensure and Benefits

Speaker: Mr Changiz Sadr 

Presentation Date: Feb 2015

Seminar Topic: Machinery Condition Monitoring

Speaker: Mr Iraj Zarieh 

Event Date: Dec 2014

Event Topic: Celebration of Yalda Night and 25th Anniversary of MOHANDES

Prepared by: Mr Mahboob Bolandi 

Presentation Date: Dec 2014

Seminar Topic: A Review on Contemporary Traditional Poetry

Speaker: Prof Fazlollah Reza 

Presentation Date: Nov 2014

Seminar Topic: Review of Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network in Ontario

Speaker: Dr Mir Said Emami 

Event Date: Oct 2014

Event Topic: MOHANDES Engineering Products & Services Expo 2014 

Prepared by: Mr Mahboob Bolandi 

Presentation Date: Oct 2014

Seminar Topic: Foundation of Amirkabir PolyTechnic University

Speaker: Dr Amir Masoud Hessami

Seminar Topic: Foundation of Amirkabir PolyTechnic University


Presentation Date: Sep 2014

Seminar Topic: Aggression Management and Understanding Some Emotional Problems

Speaker: Dr Safar Daei 

Presentation Date: June 2014

Seminar Topic: 3D Diffusive Imaging for Medical and Scientific Application

Speaker: Dr Amir H. Shabani 


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