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Mohandes Monthly Seminar: (1) Mesoscopic Traffic Simulation Model for GTA (2) Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Rebar for Concrete Structures

  • Wednesday, March 01, 2017
  • 6:15 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Sheraton Hotel - 600 Hwy 7 E, Richmond Hill


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(1) Mesoscopic traffic simulation model for solving transportation problems of GTA

(Presentation will be conducted in Farsi.)

Transportation models generally can be classified into microscopic, mesoscopic, macroscopic, and metascopic models. Microscopic models study individual elements of transportation systems, such as individual vehicle dynamics and individual traveler behavior. Mesoscopic models analyze transportation elements in small groups, within which elements are considered homogeneous. A typical example is vehicle platoon dynamics and household-level travel behavior. Macroscopic models deal with aggregated characteristics of transportation elements, such as aggregated traffic flow dynamics and zonal-level travel demand analysis.

In this presentation, first, the microscopic and macroscopic models for transportation planning and traffic analysis will be discussed briefly and their strengths and weaknesses will be evaluated. Then the new generation of Mesoscopic simulation models will be addressed as the missing link in the analytical chain. Finally, the most important GTA traffic issues and the existing trends will be overviewed which justifies the utilization of Mesoscopic models to resolve them.

Speaker: Dr Behnam Amini

آقای بهنام امینی از پیشکسوتان حمل و نقل و ترافیک ایران است که بیش از سی سال تجربه دانشگاهی و حرفه ای در این زمینه دارد. او تحصیلات دانشگاهی را در دانشکده فنی دانشگاه تهران آغاز کرده و در سال 1365 کارشناسی رشته عمران را اخذ نموده است. سپس برای کارشناسی ارشد و دکتری تخصصی وارد دانشگاه علم و صنعت شده و در سال 1375 عنوان اولین فارغ التحصیل  دکتری رشته راه و ترابری ایران را به خود اختصاص داده است. او گذراندن دوره های تخصصی در دانشگاه های تکزاس-آرلینگتون، شیکاگو و تورنتو را  نیز در کارنامه خود دارد.

بهنام نزدیک به سی سال سابقه تدریس و تحقیق در زمینه حمل ونقل و ترافیک در دانشگاه های تهران، علم و صنعت، قزوین و آزاد را داشته است. وی همچنین بنیانگذار و رییس هیات مدیره یک شرکت مهندسی مشاور فعال در زمینه راه و ترافیک بوده و دهها پروژه در سطح ملی یا شهری به انجام رسانده است که از جمله آنها می توان به طرح های جامع و ساماندهی حمل ونقل و ترافیک شهری، مطالعات ساماندهی ترافیک هسته مرکزی شهرها، خیابان های شریانی و تقاطع های همسطح و نا همسطح و مدیریت و آموزش ایمنی ترافیک اشاره کرد.

آقای امینی چندین دوره عضو هیات مدیره نظام مهندسی ساختمان تهران و هیات رئیسه گروه تخصصی ترافیک بوده و تالیفات متعددی در زمینه تخصصی خود دارند.

(2) Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer(GFRP) Rebar for Concrete Structures

(Presentation will be conducted in Farsi.)

Durability of concrete structures today is an important topic. In recent years, much research work has been carried out to find out if Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Re-bar can be the answer to obtain high durable concrete structures. Corrosions of steel and the carbon dioxide foot print of steel and many other problems associated to steel has led the industry to look for an alternative material to steel.

Use of Composite materials can be widely seen in building components today, Fiber Reinforced Polymer Structural profiles and Reinforcement bar are the two main products that are growing everyday due to the problems associated with steel.

Today Fiber Reinforced Polymer Re-bar have been widely used in Concrete Structures as a primary and permanent reinforcing bar. The use of GFRP re-bar has known to be an economical way to solve the many problems associated to steel bars, such as corrosion, thermal and electrical conductivity, high density and low strength.

Speaker: Mr Borna Hajimiragha

Composite Designer and Engineer Analysis

M.Eng., Mechanical Engineering, Concordia University

B.Sc., Industrial Engineering, Eastern Mediterranean University

Borna graduated with a master degree in composite material specialize in Pultrusion Process, with excellent knowledge in Pultrusion process, Finite Element Analysis and behavior of composite material he was one of the first few person to develop a standard FEA for Communication towers, utility poles using GFRP material with error of plus/minus 3%.

By having this knowledge he spent last three years on research and development of a GFRP rebar, a product to overcome and solve all the problems of existing GFRP rebar in Market.

By Far MST-BAR that has developed in last 5 years is one the most advanced GFRP bar in the market to reinforced a concrete structure with life time of over 100 years.


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