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How to build your career in Project Management

  • Saturday, September 28, 2013
  • 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Sandford Fleming Bldg, 10 King's College Road, Room SF 1105, University of Toronto, ON M5S 3G4
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How to build your career in Project Management

(The seminar will take place in Farsi)

You will greatly benefit from this seminar if:

  • You want to become better, more employable project managers in a constantly evolving job market
  • You are interested to know more about project controls and pursue your career in this field
  • You are looking for ways to move your project management career forward
  • You are puzzled by all you read and see about project management certifications
  • You would like to know how we can help hone your resume writing and job interviewing skills in project management field

As a result of attending this seminar participants:

  • Will be introduced to the best practice in project controls, which results in improved project performance, and the qualifications a project control specialist needs to have in order to fit in today’s job market.
  • Will understand the negative impact of poor project controls: a lot of projects overrun the budget and the original timelines and fail to accomplish organization’s goals.
  • Will understand how PM ERA can assist with their training needs
  • Will be able to make sense of all of the certification offerings by PMI® and see which one is best suited to their own particular needs
  • Will understand the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to sit for one PMI®’s certification exam such as PMP®
  • Will be able to make sensible decisions when it comes to acquiring and maintaining PMI®’s certifications
  • Will be introduced to Career Services, offered at PM ERA including resume writing, job interviewing and job searching techniques in project management, project controls and engineering fields.


              Reza Salamat                                Ehsan Ghomi
              Sylvie Edwards                             Anita Kheradmandi

Reza Salamat (Mech-Eng) PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP:

Mohandes Reza Salamat, the CEO of PM ERA Inc., brings to the table more than 16 years of project management experience in a variety of roles and positions in projects of different sizes and complexity mainly in construction, engineering and business development sectors. Reza has consistently demonstrated his skills as a strong technical expert as well as his talents in developing, supporting and managing successful teams; resulting in a solid and focused commitment to results. Reza is a voiceful proponent of continuing education and training as demonstrated by his achieving several PMI® certifications and his pursuit of educational development for himself and others in emerging project management knowledge areas. This pursuit also extends to the vision of PM ERA - to be the leader in training, consulting, coaching and mentoring in project management - which he continues to grow by overseeing the administration and business development activities. Reza’s goal is to make PM ERA your essential partner in project management training, consulting and mentoring and to fulfill the commitment he has made to his clients.

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