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اعضای محترم کانون مهندس،

با توجه به تغییرات بنیادی صورت گرفته در اساسنامه کانون که در مجمع عمومی ماه می ۲۰۱۸ مورد تصویب قرار گرفت، مقرر شد که جهت داشتن پشتوانه راهبری و نظارتی دراز مدت کانون، هیت امنای کانون متشکل از نُه عضو در جلسه ماهانه ماه سپتامبر تشکیل گردد. طبق اساسنامه اعضا آن متشکل از شش نفر از میان کاندیدا ها و سه نفر به انتخاب هیت امنای منتخب خواهد بود.

در انتخابات مورخه پنجم سپتامبر ۲۰۱۸ , ۶ نفر ذیل به عنوان اعضا هیئت امنا برای مدت سه سال :







و سه نفر ذیل توسط ۶ نفر فوق به عنوان بقیه اعضا هیئت امنا برای مدت یک سال انتخاب شدند :




Banijamali, Hossein

دکتر حسین بنی جمالی

Dr. Hossein Banijamali is president and founder of several successful operations, engaged in Petroleum, Energy, and Education.  He received BSc. Degree with Honors from School of Engineering at University of Tehran, and PhD. Degree in Chemical Engineering from M.I.T.

He was an Assistant Professor at Tehran Polytechnic,  as well as Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, then moved to Canada in 1980.

Dr. Banijamali is a long lasting member of Kanoon and has served as chair of the board of directors at Mohandes during the years 1998-2001.

Hamidi, Abdullah

مهندس عبدالله حمیدی

As a active member , I have been with Kanoon Mohandes since 1990 and one time as a Board of Directores. My educational background is in the field of Agricultural Engineering , graduated from Tehran University and Oregon State University . In Iran, my working experiences were over 10 years with Ministry of Agriculture and over 10 years in teaching positions at Tehran University and Bu-Ali Sina University (Hamedan).

In Canada, in the last 25 years, I was managing my own firm related to Interior Landscaping. Since 1995, I was coordinating Mohands' Group Tour to visit different Botanical Gardens in Ontario and for over 10 years I was involved in coordinating Mohandes Picnic events and also volleyball activities.

Kajbaf, Gholamali

مهندس غلامعلی کجباف

Kamyab, Mohammad

مهندس محمد کامیاب

Education: BS Engineering and MBA from State University Of New York

Occupation: Owner of Industrial Quality Control Co.  A firm active in Quality Control and Project Management

Member of Mohandes: More than 20 years

Member of BOD: 2002 to 2006  and  2014 to 2018 

Mahdavi, Mansour

مهندس منصور مهدوی

Mr. Mahdavi graduated from MATC, School of Engineering, Exchange studies with NYU, USA in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1980. He has outstanding record of media systems design and implementation for major broadcasters. Mansour was a Senior Systems Engineer with CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) from 1999 to 2015 and before that he worked as a System Designer at IMMAD (AZCAR Technology) from 1996 to 1999. He was vice chair of Kanoon Mohandes from 2000 to 2002.

Missaghi, Manoo

دکتر منوهر میثاقی

Mohajer, Arsalan

دکتر ارسلان مهاجر

Dr. Mohajer is a research scientist in the area of Geotech and environmental risk assessment.  He was an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto from 1986 to 2008 teaching Environmental Hazards and related design parameters for nuclear power plants, and other critical facilities. He has also worked as a researcher for Ontario Hydro, and as a consultant to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.  He served as an expert witness at the Canadian Senate and at the International Court of Justice in the Hague.  His contribution to nuclear site safety in Canada, Europe and the Middle East has been published in 60 scientific articles, and some of the news releases and interviews were covered by major news outlets, including the CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, and Toronto Star, with an award of excellence from Canadian Geotechnical Engineering, in 1991.  He has promoted professional practice as a founding member, director, and president at MOHANDES (1988-91), and as a founding member, Councillor at AGO and APGO ( Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario) from 1999-2004.  He has served the community on the board of several charitable foundations including COHAN and Parya,  and is a member of the Innovators’ Circle at Toronto General Hospital.

Nabavi, Lili

مهندس لیلی نبوی

Lili Nabavi graduated with a Masters degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from National University of Iran. She later obtained a second degree in Landscape Architecture from Ryerson University. She has worked in Ministry of Municipal Affair and Housing in Toronto as Urban Planner and as a freelance designer in building and landscaping. Lili has been very active in the community and served on the board of directors of many organizations including the Canadian Society of Iranian Engineers and Architects (1992-1994), Center for Iranian Artists of Ontario (1992-1995), and Iranian Women Organization of Ontario (since 2007).  Her dedication to education has led her to run about 30 workshops and courses for Self Esteem and Meditation since 1998 and teaching Persian literature in Toronto Farsi School. She has been an active volunteer for Children’s Aid Society and ran workshops for Iranian Cancer support group in Toronto as well. Lili has been involved in the media in many contexts including hosting a weekly radio program for Radio SIT (since 2000) and a TV program called Image of Iran TV which is about Women’s social difficulties in the world and Iran (since 2006). She is an avid researcher and writer in poetry and different areas of Mysticism and has published Rumi’s poems in Sufi Magazine (published in London, England).

Sadr, Changiz

مهندس چنگیز صدر

Changiz Sadr is an Educator, Mentor and Consultant, and was the East Central Region Councillor of PEO (2013-2017). Prior to that, Changiz has held several positions with the board of the executives of Willowdale/Thornhill Chapter including Program and GLP committee chairs, vice chair (2004 to 2007), chair (2008 to 2010), and Past Chair (2011 to 2012) within the past 14 years of his service to the chapter. Mr Sadr has also served as a member of the Experience Requirements Committee (ERC) of PEO since 2003, and the member of the ERC Interviews Recommendation Ratification sub-committee since 2008. Furthermore, Changiz served the Emerging Disciplines Task Force (EDTF) of PEO as the vice chair of the Communications Infrastructure Engineering (CIE) sub-group from 2008 to 2011. In addition, Mr. Sadr has participated in several Engineering Programs Accreditation Visits through CEAB (Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board) representing the PEO as the General Visitor since 2007. He has received the Engineers Canada's Fellowship Certificate (FEC) in 2010. He has also received the PEO Order of Honour Award in 2011, as well as the Ontario Volunteer Service Award for serving PEO on March 26, 2012, which was his third Ontario Volunteer Service Award. Mr Sadr is a Telecom Engineer by education, and works as an ICT/CIE Consultant. Mr. Sadr is supporting MOHANDES for more than 2 decades, he was 2 times as BOD and was the Vice chair of Mohandes.

Tahmoureszadeh, Darioush

مهندس داریوش طهمورث زاده

فارغ التحصیل ۱۳۵۵ دانشکده فنی تهران در رشته ساختمان

عضو کانون مهندس ازسال ۲۰۰۲

رئیس هیئت مدیره از سال ۲۰۱۳ الی ۲۰۱۵

مشاور املاک در تورنتو

Zahedi, Esmaeil

 مهندس اسماعیل زاهدی 

با سلام حقیر ۲۵ سال است که افتخار عضویت پیوسته مهندس را دارم.  ۳ دوره عضو هیات مدیره،  یک دوره هم رئیس کانون  و بقیه دیگر هم در خدمت بوده  وهستم 

Zereshkian, Hossein

مهندس حسین زرشکیان


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