Message from our President

Welcome to the Mohandes,

Our affiliation associates in excess of 500 expert individuals in Canada and around the globe. Together, and in a joint effort with the business, we are attempting to consistently improve resources unwavering quality, basically through information sharing.

The mohandes is an accreditation body that approves the information on many machine vibration investigators through a thorough affirmation measure, in light of ISO principles. Industry consequently guarantees that it utilizes skilled experts, and the expert appreciates proficient acknowledgment in the exhibition of their obligations which is likewise pondered their educational plan vitae. The mohandes is at present during the time spent getting ISO 17024 accreditation, which will verify that our affirmation cycle is agreeable with ISO principles and top notch conceivable. This accreditation will guarantee all experts confirmed by the mohandes give critical enhanced their managers and customers.

The mohandes is additionally inspired by all territories of prescient support and the related work and investigation strategies. A confirmation cycle in other related territories is presently being worked on.

Since we accept that abilities in the expert condition are created through information sharing, nearby mohandes parts (see our mohandes areas segment) meet routinely to partake in workshops, introductions and instructional meetings.