Mohandes Scientific Competition:

Maryam Mirzakhani Mathematics Competition - Mathletics

Honor: Photograph By Mari-Ana Cook

What is Mathletics:

Mathletics is a competition designed by engineers to demonstrate the application of mathematics in everyday life. This Mathematics Competition is a great opportunity to get students excited about mathematics, practice their skills in a fun environment, and be recognized  for their hard work.

Students will be challenged  to be active and creative in the use of mathematics. Different facets of mathematics will be introduced and tested.


  1. To encourage  members to pursue higher  level of formal and informal education.
  2. To promote  professional  activities  through  seminars, workshops, events and volunteer work.
  3. To promote professional and cultural relations with other professional organizations.
  4. To   promote   multidisciplinary    activities   among members.
  5. To  recognize   outstanding   academics,  engineers, students and entrepreneurs.

Egyptian Measuring Tool

Mathletics competition will be held on April 29th 2023 in the memory of the Iranian mathematician, M. Mirzakhani,  and it is dedicated to promote mathematics applications in engineering and introducing applied sciences to young generation.

We are writing this letter to invite  you to be a Sponsor or Supporter of this event! As a leader  in the community, your  involvement with  us in Mathletics Competition is an opportunity for your organization to receive  exposure and to join other individuals, organizations, and  coalitions in  our  community to educate youths about  applied engineering and create and strengthen community partnerships.

Sponsors are the primary source  of funding for this event and will help ensure its success. You can provide support by selecting one our packages.

How to register to be a sponsor?


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Canadian Society of Iranian Engineers and Architects