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1 month ago

Welcome to the new home of “MOHANDES” on CLOUDS,
Please engage in, and enjoy this fantastic website.

Below you can find descriptions regarding some important information, you need to know and understand, keeping in mind:,

by using this website you acknowledge you are completely understood  and abide by terms and conditions of using this website.

As noted above, the information below deliberately is not complete, to the purpose of getting your involvement, and will be completed gradually, based on answers to your questions and your feedback and whatever MOHANDES believes they are needed to be added with MOHANDES full discretion.

This document applies to all users of this website i.e. Existing members of MOHANDES, Guests or New Registrants. Existing Members of MOHANDES, please skip the provisions not applicable to you.
* * * * *
This website design is RESPONSIVE, it reads the dimensions and information of your display and adopts the content to your display, whether it is a desktop, a tablet or a cellphone.

1 – At the first glance, you see the home page as illustrated below:

2 – Click on About Us (There is an alternative procedure, you can skip to item # 5 and follow the procedure from that item down).

3 – On Click, on About Us, you will see the below illustrations, get familiar with the current MOHANDESBoard of Trustees and Board of Directors :

4 – Next step: Scroll down and go through, profoundly on two very important documents, MOHANDES Mission and MOHANDES CONSTITUTION, and please ask, if there is something you do not understand or you do not agree with, or apt-out if eventually you are not convinced.

Skip to item #7

5 – If you want to get familiar with MOHANDES Mission only, at your first glance, hover over the About Us, and click on it

6 – or Click on Explore button, that is located,  lower in the web page:

6 – Then similar to item #5, hover over About Us, and this time click on MOHANDES Constitution and go through it profoundly and ask, if there is something you do not understand or you do not agree with, or apt-out if eventually you are not convinced.
* * * * *
7 – Again “WELCOME to MOHANDES”, it means at this point, you have read and understood and agreed to MOHANDES Mission and CONSTITUTION and Terms and Conditions of using MOHANDES website, and you are aware by continuing, you are abide by them, so you can continue as a guest or register to be a member of MOHANDES.

8 – Registrants to  MOHANDES are granted access to restricted areas of website and also telegram groups and more dedicated to members’ Contents, Media, Seminars and more, after getting approved.

9 – If you choose to register please click on each one of the three numbered buttons as illustrated below, and follow the procedure:

or scroll down the Home Page and select between the one of the three available plans, Newcomer / Standard / Corporate, that best fits you and click on Join Now! button, and follow the procedure.

* * * * *
10 – After your membership application approved, you are entitled to join MOHANDES Official Public Group and three of Special Interest Groups , (SIC Groups) at your choice, and corresponding MOHANDES Telegram Groups, Seminars and more services available at the time.

11 – Please Join MOHANDES, engage in the activities, enjoy, upgrade your professional knowledge, get acquainted with the latest improvements in your specialty and improve your social network and much more.



  1. Mohandes Admin

    Thanks Abbas, for the useful info.
    Please also advise regarding the MOHANDES groups, here in website and in Telegram app.


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