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Previous Event: Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Monitoring of Smelting Furnaces

Held on Wed, Nov 2nd, 2016 at 6:15 pm, Sheraton Hotel - 600 Hwy 7 E, Richmond Hill

About the seminar:

In this presentation, Dr. Sadri will introduce Hatch ( as a leading Canadian engineering company with 76 offices worldwide. Later he’ll introduce pyrometallurgical furnaces and their issues followed by an introduction to the NDT and monitoring systems that are used to inspect and monitor operating smelting furnaces.  


About the speaker:

Dr Afshin Sadri is the Global Director of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technologies at Hatch. He is also an Adjunct Professor in departments of Graduate Study and Civil Engineering at Ryerson University. 

He received his B.Sc. in Geophysics in 1990 from Concordia University, and Masters as well as Ph.D. from McGill University, Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering in 1992 and 1997.

Afshin left Iran in 1982 and ever since is living in Canada. In Iran his last educational institute was Kharazmi High School, in Tajrish. He has over 26 years experience in the field of exploration geophysics, mining engineering, rock mechanic, and coarse-grained nondestructive testing (NDT).  Afshin has worked in 37 countries. In 2004 he joined Hatch Ltd. in Mississauga. He has developed a number of equipment and techniques for earthquake damage prevention, concrete and furnace NDT and health monitoring. He has 10 US and 17 Canadian and international patents, all related to his professional work.  Afshin has written and co-authored over 100 conference and journal articles.

سمینار گذشته: آسیب شناسی روانی مهاجرت و تاثیر آن بر نظام خانواده

Held on Wed, Oct 5th, 2016 at 6:15 pm, Sheraton Hotel - 600 Hwy 7 E, Richmond Hill

گردهمایی ماه اکتبر انجمن در روز چهارشنبه پنجم اکتبر ۲۰۱۶ برگزار شد. در این جلسه آقای دکتر محمود صادقی درباره "آسیب شناسی روانی مهاجرت و تاثیر آن بر نظام خانواده" صحبت کردند. تجربه هویت جدید و آسیب شناسی آن، از سازگاری تا انطباق، دلایل مهاجرت، ریشه کنی از مام وطن تا ریشه دوانی در مهاجرت و سبک زندگی و تغییرات آن، موضوعاتی بودند که به آنها پرداخته شد.

دکتر صادقی فارغ التحصیل روانشناسی بالینی با بیست و دو سال تجربه خانواده درمانی، گروه درمانی و درمانهای فوری در ایران (۱۴ سال) و کانادا (۷ سال) هستند. ایشان مدیر مسئول و سردبیر مجلات علمی در حوزه روانشناسی مدرسه، روانشناسی هنر و روانشناسی دین و مولف چندین کتاب در حوزه بهداشت و سلامت روانی در ایران و کانادا میباشند.  

محل برگزاری: هتل شراتون تقاطع بزرگراه شماره ۷ و خیابان لزلی

زمان بندی جلسه:

۶:۱۵ عصر:  ثبت نام، پذیرایی و نت ورکینگ بین اعضاء

۷:۱۵ عصر:  خوش آمدگویی توسط رییس هیات مدیره

۷:۲۰ عصر:  سخنرانی

۸:۲۰ عصر: پرسش و پاسخ

Past Event: A Panel Discussion by Iranian Canadian Female Professors in Ontario

Held on Wed, Sep 7th, 2016 at 6:15 pm, Sheraton Hotel - 600 Hwy 7 E, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B2

About the Gathering:

This gathering was a unique panel discussion featuring three Iranian Canadian female professors in Ontario universities and showcased the role of Iranian women in academia specially in the fields of Science and Engineering. Our panelists addressed some of the challenges they have faced as female engineer/professor during their career.

Also in this gathering, a certificate of appreciation was presented to Mr Habib Shafai, a long term member of Mohandes for his outstanding volunteer services to Kanoon Mohandes since its foundation in 1988. Mr Shafai is a graduate of Mining Engineering from School of Engineering (Fanni), Tehran University in 1956. His last position in Iran was the deputy minister of industries and mining before coming to Canada. 

Our panelists [from left] were Dr. Armaghan Salehian (University of Waterloo), Dr. Zohreh Shahbazi (UofT, Scharborough) and Dr. Farimah hakemzadeh (Wilfrid Laurier University).

For detailed information about the panelists please click here.


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