Why join?

The benefits of participating in MOHANDES association are enormous. Here are Seven reasons why you should join MOHANDES:

Network With Others:

The #1 benefit of joining MOHANDES is the opportunity for networking. We are an excellent source of employment information and potential job leads. Get to know individuals who are already employed in your industry, and find out who the key decision makers are.

Learn About Your Industry:

We help you to learn more about your industry. MOHANDES have regular professional seminars and webinars with expert guest speakers which provide you with up to date technical information and industry market trends.

Meet In Person:

By attending MOHANDES seminars, conferences, gatherings and trade shows you will be able to meet face-to-face with others in your industry. In a world where everyone is seeking online connections, having personal contact with influential people is a great way to get noticed and stand out from other job seekers.

Receive mentoring and provide mentoring:

MOHANDES Mastermind Mentoring program is a great platform for showcasing your expertise and for interacting with and learning from other seasoned professionals

Expand your skill sets with training and certification:

Once you have joined MOHANDES, there are many career-related courses and professional certifications in coming year with great discounted rates that members can pursue.

Why get certified, you may ask? Becoming certified means that you are accredited and guided by the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners. You can feel confident that you’re offering the highest level of competencies reflective of industry standards, and clients can feel confident about positive outcomes.

Gain résumé and website “clout”:

Displaying your membership affiliation with MOHANDES as a respected professional association is an excellent supplement to your résumé and your organization’s website. It conveys to prospective employers and clients that you’re dedicated to your profession and to continuous improvement.

Build Your Resume:

Adding your involvement in a professional association like MOHANDES on your resume demonstrates to potential employers your commitment to the industry. Taking an active role within MOHANDES, such as volunteering or working on a committee, will also translate to additional skills and abilities, adding even more value to your resume.

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