Special Interest Committee (SIC)

Mohandes Special Interest Committee consists of 6 Major Groups:

  • Agricultural-Environmental Group
  • Architecture Group
  • Civil group
  • Elec-Com group (Electrical-Computer)
  • MIA group (Mechanical-Industrial-Aerospace)
  • MMC Group (Materials-Mining-Chemical)

Members of Special Interest Committee


Mehran Mohaghegh

Ahmad Riahi

Sina Forouzi​

Simin Sepehri

Mohandes Special Interest Committee (SIC) Guideline:

  1. Scope

Mohandes Special Interest Committee (SIC), comprised of several Special Interest Groups (SIGs), was established by Mohandes 29th BOD in July 2016 per clause 5-5 of Mohandes constitution to help professionals of each group of interest get together and network among themselves and exchange useful information in their fields of interest.

  1. Objectives

SIC committee has the following objectives:

  1. Empowering the network of Iranian Engineering Community in Canada by attracting professionals in the field.
  2. Supporting each other in career development through sharing experiences, resources and job postings, and exchanging useful links with Iranian and non-Iranian professionals.
  3. Providing appropriate trainings and information on career opportunities to group members especially to newcomers and new graduates and to facilitate their entry into Canadian engineering job market.
  4. Organizing technical seminars/ workshops, to enhance professional knowledge of our members.
  5. Making strong connections with experienced and successful professionals and related institutes for exchanging information and benefiting from their resources.


  1. Head of the Groups

The head of each group should be sustaining member of Mohandes and shall be elected by the group members in the first meeting of SIC committee after Mohandes AGM. The group head shall be elected to a one (1) year term, and shall not be elected more than two (2) consecutive terms. The elected head of group shall be approved by Mohandes BOD. If a group head is not able to do below-mentioned responsibilities, the BOD shall appoint a temporary head for the group and call for nomination for the position.

The main responsibilities of the group head shall be to:

  1. a)     Act as the link between Mohandes BOD and the group members.
  2. b)     Take the admin role and/or manage the admins of the social Medias.
  3. c)     Make sure the group’s activities don’t have any conflict of interest with Mohandes mandate and follow the ethics and rules set by Mohandes.
  4. d)     Preside monthly meetings of the group and prepare agenda and minutes of the meetings.
  5. e)     Transfer/ store all group members’ information on Mohandes database and/or Mohandes official social media groups, keep all contact information confidential and make sure they are not disclosed by any means, unless by member’s consent.
  6. f)      Send a monthly report of the group activities to Mohandes BOD and share the minutes of meetings.
  7. g)     Get approval from Mohandes BOD for any affiliation between the group and other entities outside Mohandes and keep the BOD informed of all corresponding communications.


  1. Decision Making for SIC Committee

A committee composed of groups’ representatives (one representative from each SIG Group, preferably the group head) plus two representatives from the BOD (the director of SIC committee and deputy director) shall be the decision-making reference for SIC Committee and its future policy within the framework of this guideline, and the director of SIC committee shall be the chair of this committee.

  1. Sub-Groups

Each Special Interest Group, shall take a name format e.g. “Mohandes Architecture Group”. SIGs can form subgroups to facilitate and manage the group activities. Any group shall get approval from Mohandes BOD for forming a new subgroup and appointing its team leaders.

  1. Group Members

There are two types of members in SIG groups: Active members and Regular members


6.1  An active group member is someone who:

  1. a)     is a sustaining member of Kanoon Mohandes.
  2. b)     has not been absent in three consecutive group/ subgroup meetings or five non-consecutive meetings over their membership year.
  3. c)     has been actively engaged in at least one of the subgroups.


6.2  Benefits of Active Members:

  1. a)     They can nominate themselves for the position of group head.
  2. b)     Their names and profiles can be added on the group page on Mohandes website.
  3. c)     They will receive discounted tickets for Mohandes seasonal events; Yalda, Nowruz, Picnic, Cruise, etc.
  4. d)     They will be featured in Mohandes printed and digital magazine.
Nasrin Homaee

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