Mentoring is commonly acknowledged as a means of creating a learning relationship in which individuals share their professional experiences with learners.1,2 Mentors are individuals with experience and knowledge who are committed to support the advancement of the mentee. The nature of the relationship can differ from one group to another due to possible differences in the composition of the mentoring group

We expect mentors to meet with their mentees at least twice a month in person, over a video call, or by phone (in order by preference). We encourage mentors and mentees to chat informally more frequently. The program is only as valuable as what you make it, so we highly encourage both mentors and mentees to reach out and start the conversation! The estimated monthly time commitment for mentors 

Mentorship program 2022

Mohandes offers its mentorship in the following categories .

  1. Project scheduling
  2. Project planning
  3. Project cost-controlling 


Please register if you are interested. The selected mentees will be asked to fill an enrolment form and sign a confidentiality agreement with their mentor.